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Monday, October 19, 2015

How You Can Help!

A few days ago I had the pleasure to sit down and talk with breast cancer survivor Sandy Muller. I met her through a friend while I was looking for a foundation to donate the proceeds of this year's bowling bash. It is one thing to talk to someone on the phone but to sit down in person and listen to her story was so inspirational. She is a phenomenal wife, mother and now grandmother. You never know what people go through until you listen to their story. After talking with her for a little over an hour I walked away even more charged and pumped up to serve women in need. As moms, wives, daughters and friends we all go through a lot but it is during those tough times that we are stretched to our true potential. Sandy's battle with breast cancer led her to creating a foundation that services women who are going through treatment. There are so many women uninsured or left with little to no funds after being diagnosed. The Sandy Muller Foundation provides funds to women who qualify for assistance. They help with bill payments,medical expenses, groceries, child care, etc. If you or someone you know may need assistance visit You can also make a donation online.

The older I get the more I come in contact with women battling breast cancer. Do you want to help out but not sure of what to do? Here are a few tips that can help you help someone going through treatment.

1. Offer a ride to treatment.

2. Prepare or purchase food for a few days. (This helps especially when kids are at home)

3. Make a care package with goodies like lotion, soap, toiletries, and a good book.

4. Gift cards always come in hand.

5. Let them know that you care and are there for them. A simple handwritten note can put a smile on anyones face.

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